Piet Nibbelink

Piet Nibbelink was born in Nijmegen the Netherlands in 1954. He is the father of two daughters, Eefje and Roos, and is married to Wilma Siekman-Nibbelink, who has a son, Sven, and a daughter, Kira.

He has felt a close relationship with nature throughout his life. In his youth he had one year of horsebackriding lessons sponsored by his brother. After training as a teacher of biology and physics and teaching for 2 and a half years, he switched to automation. He realised that he cared more for people than for technology and gradually became a consultant and team coach.

He rediscovered his love for horses, and bought first own horse. Dealing with his own horse gave him a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Entering competitions became a challenge, but slowly and imperceptibly the performance became more important for him than the sheer pleasure.