The horses of the Paardenmaat



Since March 2014 Piet's dream came true; an own PRE (Pura Raza Española). Pegaso is full of fire, intelligent en very sensitive. Piet enjoys being together with Pegaso immensely. Together they will continue to develop for years to come.



When Piet travelled to Spain in search of his dream horse in January 2014, he came to a dilemma. He encountered two amazing horses who had both stolen his heart. Unable to choose between them he decided to take them both home. We welcomed Castaño together with Pegaso in March 2014. He is a diamant in the rough with hugh potential. At the moment Castaño lives in a big naturepark with fellow stallions, where he can grow up. Piet visits him often.



When he was 2 years old, this beautiful haflinger came to Piet to be trained and sold. When the potential buyers were already at the gate, Piet realised he could never sell this horse, as he was already in Piet's heart. Ever since Wesley fulfills an important role in the lessons and in coachingsessions, where he can show you a lot about yourself.



Isabel was gifted to the Paardenmaat, and was received with open arms. She is incredibly sweet, soft and forgiving, and is master at giving children and adults the time and trust they need to grow.



We encountered Lady when looking for lesson horses. In her short life she had switched owners seven times already. The decision was made to give her a permanent place, and meanwhile she has lived at the Paardenmaat for many years. Lady is a New Forest pony who loves to give you what you need, whether that is a sweet, calm horse, or a little bit of a challenge.



Janosch came to the Paardenmaat as a lesson horse. His papers were falsified, and he turned out to be much older than he was sold for, but this is only visible when looking at his teeth. He has a lot of energy and loves to play and cuddling afterwards. With an estimated age of over 30, this horse has one of the youngest souls of the stable.



Andor is at the Paardenmaat since he was 2. When his owner could no longer afford him, she wanted him to stay at the Paardenmaat and gave him to us. He is a calm and grounded horse who loves children. Since a tendon injury he is trained in the academic art of riding by Piet's daughter Eef as a revalidation method, and he proves to be a real talent. In August 2014 Eef and Andor succesfully did the Squire test (see the tab academic art of riding for more information).



This appaloosa is the son of Misja. Unfortunately he inherited problems with his frontlegs from his mother, and was not sound for a long time. Luckily we found a solution for him in special hoofcare by Joke Nibbelink ). He is very sensitive, making him very apt for advanced groundwork lessons. Since January 2014 Piet's daughter Eef trains with him in de Academic Art of Riding.



Piet encountered Orion as a problem horse where he was asked to help. There was an immediate connection and Piet took him home. Just like Solon this horse is extremely sensitive, and will react to the smallest of changes in your body. Since 2012 he is trained in the academic art of riding by Piet's daughter Roos.



Nienke is Truusje's daughter, and is a fantastic little race monster. She loves to run along the track with her friends, and shows all high school jumps in freedom if she feels like. The art with this Welsh pony is to get the energy down, which can be a real challenge.



Winet was Eef's (Piet's youngest daughter) first love, and together they had a lot of fun. Winet also loves being in front of the carriage and does so with a lot of enthousiasm.



Myrdinn is Winet's son, and they look a lot alike. They are inseperable and spend a lot of time together. Myrdinn has an even en joyful character and loves to work.

In memoriam: Fabiola


This is the horse that it all started with more than 25 years ago. Fabiola was Piet's first horse and with her began the journey. In August 2015 we had to say goodbye to the incredible horse. We are all very thankful for her time with us.

In memoriam: Fardau


This Dutch warmblood came to the Paardenmaat as a lesson horse, and over the years she became many a man's (and woman's) favorite. She loved to move and trotted like no other. In August 2015 we had to say goodbye to Fardau. We are proud of all the lives the was able to touch in her time with us.

In memoriam: Truusje


This Welsh pony was Roos' (Piet's daughter) first horse. They spent a lot of fun years together, spending time and learning. Truusje also loved being in front of the carriage and was an expert in breaking out of her stable. In the beginning of 2015 we found out that her heart was no longer functioning properly and we had to let her

In memoriam: Kairos


Kairos is the son of Fabiola, and was born in 1992. He was Piet's true mirror, and forced Piet to take a step back and really look inside himself. Without Kairos, the Paardenmaat would not exist like it exists now. Later in life, he also gave his heart to Piet's daughter Roos, who walked a similar path with him. He is missed every day, the true King of the Paardenmaat.

In memoriam: Misja


Misja came to the Paardenmaat via a boarding client, and is was immediately apparant that she was a special horse. She would escape every stable, field or arena, and could as no other allow someone to experience what true connection and love means. She is deep in both Piet's and Roos' heart. In May 2012 we were forced to let this fantastic horse go, she will not ever be forgotten.