Academic Art of Riding

Academic Art of Riding

The academic art of riding is based on the knowlegde of the so called old masters (Xenophon, Pluvinel, Guérinière, Steinbrecht). Earlier horses were essential in daily life. Besides the fact that they provided the primary way of transport they were an important part of pre modern warfare. During a fight between two riders, which often took place on only a couple square metres, it was of vital importance that the horses were as agile as possible. The horses were trained to be very powerful in the hindquarters, so that they could carry all their and their riders weight on the hindquarters when it was needed to turn or manouvre as quickly as possible. It took years before the training of a horse was completed, after all, the army with the best trained horses had the best chances of winning.

Over the years horses were replaced with modern day technology, making the knowlegde for training horses less valuable. This caused a loss of this knowlegde over time. Bent Branderup dedicated his life to resurfacing this knowlegde to be able to practice the dressage in its purest form. For this purpose he founded the Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding in which he gathers riders who share his vision. To enter the Knighthood one must take tests of own skill. In August 2014, Eef Nibbelink passed the first test, the Squire test.

Eef Nibbelink

Eef Nibbelink (1992) was born and raised at the Paardenmaat. As little girl she already rode along in front of the saddle with her father and that was how her love for horses was born. After a couple teenage years full of wonderful rides outside, Eef came across the academic art of riding through Ylvie Fros. The logical and emphatic way of training made riding much more intricate, making every step of the horse interesting. The academic art of riding seamlessly connects to the philosophy of the Paardenmaat, thus Eef's interest was piqued and she has been developing in the academic art of riding since 2008. In August 2014 she succesfully rode the Squiretest with Andor. Eef is also a certified Centered Riding instructor. Since a couple years Eef teaches at the Paardenmaat and on location on a small scale. She does this with a lot of satisfaction and pleasure alongside her study psychology at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. Eef owns two horses, Banoe and Zaïra, and trains two horses of the Paardenmaat, Andor and Solon.

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